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Irma Shanahan, Baldwin, MD
On the subject of seminars, Judie Howard was kind enough to come East in August two years ago and spend 3 days with us here in Maryland. I’ve done my share of seminar attending, and I think I’ve gotten more out of Judie’s seminars than any I’ve attended in the past. She relates to every level of training and I came away with useful, practical stuff for my OTCh chasing poodle as well as stuff for working with my 6 month old puppy. She’s not welded to any specific training solution as being the “only way”, and is willing to experiment to see what works with a specific dog. And what I really liked was that she was willing to work with the lower drive dogs and their needs.

And hey, you get to laugh and learn a lot along the way! So if you have the opportunity to attend one of Judie’s seminars—do attend—you will learn a lot. Judie, thanks again to you and Sioban for making the trip out here. I am SO glad you came.

Great Expectations by Pearl CGC
Jade, Cassidy, Tigger—UDs
Tara CDX

Judy Berger
I have been training with Judie for quite a few years now and am so pleased with my results. She is patient, watchful, completely engaged in each and every lesson, and takes you and your dog to the level you need to be working. I have one energetic, drivey, over the top PWD and another quieter, softer, not much drive PWD. She is training them COMPLETELY different and understands them. The lessons are fast paced, fun, interesting and I always take great tools away from the class to work on. Her methods DO work, and there are reasons behind each and every thing she does. That is the part I love. And Judie loves dogs and is so funny!! Great sense of humor.

Thank you for everything.

Judy, Bacchus and Faust-O

Rosanne Kermoian; Oakland, Ca.
Twenty-three years ago I adopted my first dog, an energetic, dominant and stunningly intelligent hunting Lab. By six months of age she understood as many words as a two-years old child, and, not surprisingly, was completely out of control. Exasperated, I piled my adolescent dog into the car to attend Judie Howard's beginner's class. The first exercise involved heeling single file around the perimeter of a large gym. Forty-four dogs and their owners were heeling clockwise; one dog was dragging her owner in a counterclockwise direction, stopping to greet each passing dog in turn. That was among the most embarrassing moments of my life; however, thanks to Judie and her many teaching assistants, by the last day of class I was the exceedingly proud owner of a well-mannered pet. Two decades later, Judie rescued me again as I took on the challenge of training my first obedience trial dog. Although I knew that I was eager for her assistance in training my puppy, by the end of our first lesson I realized that I was going to learn far more from our time together than I could have imagined. Judie is a dog trainer's dog trainer, with a profound understanding of both dogs and their people. Because of her skill in articulating the principles behind her training decisions, I am being given the tools to learn something new every day from my dog and our interactions.
Roseanne Kermoian and Mariner CD, Labrador retriever

Denise King: Caldwell, Idaho
Several years ago I attended a Judie Howard seminar. I was a green handler and had a green dog too! My goal was to do some competitive obedience with my dog. Judie had my female Rottie doing scent work in about five minutes! I was hooked. Judie has a love for the sport of competitive obedience that she happily shares with everyone. She makes it fun and is still excited and thrilled with the things she can show you!

Last spring I had the opportunity to attend another Judie Howard seminar. I jumped at the chance and was so glad I had gone! She had new ideas and thoughts as well as some of the older tried and true methods! I love her way with the dogs. My young male Rottie, Henry was totally smitten with Judie. I think he would have gone home with her and never looked back.

Judie's methods are fair and kind to the dogs and her genuine love of dogs shows through!

Sue Cone and the Chesapeakes
I've had the pleasure of attending several of Judie's seminars over the years. I always learn new things to try with my dogs, and they work!
Judie is flexible, and with her great experience can offer several different techniques, depending on the needs of the individual dog and handler. She's clear, concise, and excellent at answering questions, and beyond that, we laugh a lot! I've always been inspired by her seminars and my dogs and I have always profited by what we have learned. I look forward to attending another one - I wouldn't miss the chance and hope she comes East again soon!

Sue Cox
Judie presents a lively and amusing seminar, one you're sure to thoroughly enjoy while gaining a great deal of knowledge and training skills.

Marty Silverwood – Florida (attendee August 2011)
I traveled from Florida to Maryland to attend one of Judie’s seminars. It was worth every mile. Judie’s practical approach to dog training included great ideas for any level trainer and/or canine partner. She has a great sense of humor and seemed to enjoy the seminar as much as her attendees.

Karen Mills
I have never been to a Judie Howard seminar nor have I ever had the privilege of meeting Judie. However I feel as if I know her well.

I started in the sport of obedience in the mid 1970's and have always been a reader of the AKC Awards. I have tracked Judie's tremendous accomplishments through the years. Her record speaks for itself :)

GSD - OV Indra Von Hoheneichen UD - multi HIT/HC
Dobe - Oliver O Von Holzer CDX - multi HIT
Golden - OTCH Topbrass Gorgeous George OHOF 255 OTCH points, ranked HC Belgian Tervuren - CH Starbright Hit The Jackpot CD Golden - CH Honor's N' Dare Power Of Faith Golden - CH Patriot Filigree Copy For Me finished w/3 majors and Group 2 Poodle - CH Ravendune Patriot Games - multi BOV

Ann & André Lapeyre Minnesota
We attended our first Judie Howard seminar in the mid 1990’s, and were hooked. Judie’s method of training has made so much sense to us and our Newfoundlands; we’re not sure who likes her more – us or our dogs. We’ve been to so many of her seminars and workshops in various states that we’ve lost track of the number, but it’s well into the teens. We’ve even driven from Minnesota to California four times to take private lessons with Judie. We can’t imagine doing that for any other trainer. I guess one could say that we’re “Judie Junkies”. Our Newfs have done quite well competing at all levels of AKC obedience. We’ve also used things we’ve learned from Judie in earning Newfoundland Club of America draft and water titles. Not only is Judie an outstanding trainer, she’s also a very nice person.

Our dogs who have benefitted from Judie’s training:

BIS VN Am/Can CH Kilyka’s Lagniappe Keeper UD, DD, WRD, Can CD, CGC, TDI

Can CH Kilyka’s Lagniappe EZ Does It CDX, TDD, WRD, Can CD (retired for health reasons with 1 leg in Utility)

WA VN Am/Can CH Kilyka’s Lagniappe Pro Zack UD, TDD, WRDX, CGC, TDI

CH Kilyka’s Lagniappe Meant To Be DD, WRDX, CGC, TDI, TODD (soon to be shown in obedience)

Carol Vesely
I have trained with Judie for nearly 3 years. She has helped me train four of my Rhodesian Ridgebacks in all levels of obedience, from Novice through Utility. I can honestly say that I never have as much fun training my dogs as when I go to Judie’s. We always laugh as we trade jokes back and forth.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not always the easiest breed to train in obedience. They are not typically thought of as “obedience” dogs. Judie provides a wonderful balance of holding me to high standards but not pushing myself or my dogs to the point of being discouraged. She will not allow me to use my breed as an excuse for poor performance, but she also seems to know how hard she can push without demotivating my dogs. She always has new ideas to try if one technique isn’t working. She’s also not afraid to admit when one of her suggestions doesn’t work. All my dogs adore Judie and love to jump up and give her kisses when she walks in the studio.

I feel very fortunate to be able to train with Judie. I never leave discouraged, but rather, motivated to keep trying.

Thank you Judie!!!

Carol Vesely and Joie, Indy, Jenna, and of course, Mojo

Nancy Mahaffey: Danville, Ca
My 18 month old Afghan Hound Cleo and I started training at Judie's a few months ago. We are learning so much, and all the while having a great time. I say 'we' because Judie is not only training Cleo, but also training me! I've had dogs all my life and all were well trained as pets, but never did we do obedience work so this is a new world.

Judie is patient and you can tell she loves her work. So many people say Afghans are just too hard to train, but Judie proves that is not true. Judie trains with kindness and you can see her tremendous love of dogs.

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