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At the time this picture was taken, all of
these dogs—living in the same house—had their OTChs
This video was taken on Feb 2016. Tonic is 14 years old in this and Howdy is 10 years old.

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JUDIE’S COMPETITION DOGS (click on to view photo)

U.D. – Howard’s Royal Treasure – “Schatz” – Doberman pinscher female - Judie’s Novice A dog. Earned her U.D. in 5 trials. Retired at 5 with Cervical Vertebral Instability (Wobbler’s). Was operated on and lived to be 13.

OTCh - 9/27/77 - Howard’s Mocha Mist of Skansen – “Mocha” - Doberman pinscher female – Earned the OTCh in her first four trials with four first places after the title was available. She was retired immediately to make way for the next dog. Mocha had 6 High in Trials and lived to be 13.

CH. U.D.T. – Teradens Caballero de Lugo –  “Lugo” - Doberman pinscher male –Won the Working Group twice before it was split into Working and Herding. Many specialty wins. Passed his first tracking test. Ranked in the Doberman Top 20 (conformation) and also ranked in the Working Group in Obedience. Retired with 87 OTCh points because of a torn meniscus and lived to be 13.

OTCh – 6/24/79 – Cherwilene Activated Charcoal - “Coalie” – Miniature poodle female – A wonderful, stable miniature poodle who kept the three Dobermans in line. She taught Judie a lot about training a soft dog. She had 14 High in Trials and lived to be 13.

OTCh – 4/3/83 – Meadowpond’s California Poppy – “Poppy” - Golden retriever female - Our first golden, trained through a CDX by husband Gary. Judie took over in Utility and Poppy earned 9 High in Trials, including Judie’s first 200. She lived to be 13.

OTCh – 8/12/84 – Arydith Absolute Corker – “Corky” – Shetland sheepdog male - He was badly abused for his first year and was rescued by Judie. He was terrified of men—for very good reason. He ended up being a Sheltie who was not afraid of anything and was a great seminar dog. He was faster than lightning and lived to be 15. He had 3 High in Trials.

OTCh – 11/4/84 – Dreamalot Crackerjack- “Cracker” – Border collie female - Cracker came to Judie and Gary when she was four months old. She loved to go camping, she loved working with Judie and was a very sweet dog. She died at 13 of liver cancer. Cracker had 3 High in Trials. One of Judie and Gary's daughters-in-law said that Cracker taught her to be a good camper.

OTCh – 4/18/86 - Arydith Abracadabra – “Presto” - Miniature poodle male – Judie and Gary's sons called him “Presto puppy personable perky poodle person” because he was such a happy little guy. He and Coalie were also called “Pogo poodles,” because they jumped like pogo sticks. Presto had 10 High in Trials and lived to be 15.

OTCh – 2/3/88 – Misty Marshes Gale Wind – “Windy” - Golden retriever female – Judie had fallen in love with Windy when she first came to class at 4 months of age. Her owner took her through a CDX, but became frustrated in Utility, so Judie agreed to put a U.D. on her and took her home. Her owner bred her, Judie took a puppy and Windy stayed with Judie. She was the 8th ranked OTCh one year and 23rd the next. Windy had 13 High in Trials and died at the age of 14.

OTCh – 3/11/90 - Arydith Aerodynamic UDX4  “Aero” –  Golden retriever male – A son of Windy, he came to live with the Howards when he was about 8 weeks old. He was a very gentle, soft boy and could win a HIT one day and then the next day look like Judie had spent the night beating him. Judie never figured out why. He had 12 High in Trials and lived to be 15. He was one of the sweetest dogs on earth.

OTCh – 7/17/92 – Arydith Artesian UDX – “Pixie” - Golden retriever female - She was born at the Howard's house, the last one of 8 puppies. She was truly a wild child, but lots of fun. She got a 200 while going for her 2nd Novice leg and had 3 more 200s after that. Pixie had 8 High in Trials and lived to be 13.

OTCh – 5/30/93 – Arydith Asset to Scottswood UDX2  “Heller” – Border collie female - She was aptly named. Heller and Pixie were best friends. Heller was probably one of their hardest dogs to train because she was extremely sight- and sound-sensitive. Heller had one High in Trial and died at the age of 13 of a stroke.

Ch. OTCh – 10/15/99 – Arydith Anything Stays UDX4 – “Keeper” - Australian shepherd male – He was the first male Ch. OTCh Australian shepherd, earning group placements on his way to his championship. He also earned 9 High In Trials. He was a very easy dog to live with, a gentle soul who never did anything wrong. Gary said “Keeper even died right,” since he was never sick and died on the floor of our kitchen at the age of 14 with Judie lying beside him. Another very sweet doggie.

OTCh – 7/15/01 – Arydith Archaeologist UDX4 – “Digger” - Golden retriever male – Judie has never had another dog who so loved being in the ring. He never had a down day in his life and people loved to watch him, even when he NQd. Digger had 38 High in Trials. He died at the age of 10 from epitheliotropic lymphoma, a skin cancer that is not contagious, not hereditary, not breed-specific, and very rare in dogs. Judie and Gary fought very hard, but the lymphoma won out and he was the only dog they've ever had who died before the age of 13.

OTCh – 5/2014 – Ebbtide Effervescent Elixir UDX2 OM1 – “Tonic” -  Australian shepherd male – Now retired except for playtime with Judie and the other dogs. He has 14 High in Trials, a 200 in Utility, one in Open and two in Novice, both under long-time judges who had never given one.

Ebbtide Good Ol’ Greetin’ UDX OM2 – “Howdy” - Australian shepherd male –  is also presently competing. So far he has 11 High in Trials, including a 200.

DD’s Arydith Addendum CDX – "Ryder" - Golden Retriever male - is also presently competing. At the 3 consecutive trials where he received his CD, he also got 2 High in Trials, with a 199.5 under Lora Cox and a 198 under Michelle Illes, beating an OTCh in the HIT runoff. While going for his CDX, he received 1 Open B first place, beating another OTCh dog in a runoff, and 2 second places in tough Northern California competition.

Lucifer – "Luce" - mixed breed male - Kenny's buddy.

All of these dogs were and are dearly-loved family members and live in our house..

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